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Aromatherapy (Add-on from £5)

Aromatherapy uses the healing properties of essential oils to help maximise the benefits of your treatment to create an even more fulfilling experience. Benefits of essential oils include stress reduction, deeper relaxation, sharper concentration and energy boost. For only £5, aromatherapy specific to your needs can be included as an add-on to your session depending on the treatment you choose and the aim of the session. Treatments are explained in detail below:

Swedish Massage (£50/90mins) (Women only: £30/60mins)

This is the classic go-to massage experience for total relaxation. BWT’s Swedish massage combines gentle long, light gliding strokes and kneading techniques to both relax the body and alleviate stress. Benefits of Swedish massage includes increased blood circulation, relief of muscle tension and soreness, and enhancement of total wellbeing.

Hot Stone Massage (Women only £45/60mins, £65/90mins)

Hot stone massage incorporates the comfort of hot stones with the relaxing gentle strokes of Swedish massage.  During your hot stone session, stones will alternate with the therapists’ hands throughout the course of massage to deliver the most relaxing and effective massage possible. This alternating technique awakens and unlocks sensory responses that heightens your state of relaxation at the end of the session.

Deep Tissue Massage (£50/60mins, £70/90mins)

With deep tissue massage, deep strong pressure is applied to specific problem areas. This is a great massage for reliving sore muscles, tight necks, tense shoulders and troublesome knots embedded within the large muscle groups of the back. Using deep and focused pressure techniques, chronic pain is subdued and tension is released. Oil or wax is used depending on the aim of your deep tissue massage. Although it is not a sports massage, for those who engage in activities such as running, tennis, golf, grappling or combat sports, this massage aids both preparation and recovery as it includes compression and stretching. Continued communication is encouraged during the session to ensure that the pressure levels are adequate to your needs.

Thai Yoga Massage (£40/60mins, £60/90mins)

This massage is performed fully clothed, so you are advised to come in loose  stretchy clothing or be prepared to wear an outfit you will be given. The massage is done on a floor mat with deep targeted pressure applied throughout the body with emphasis on the hamstrings, glutes and back. This massage uses a set routine and is sometimes referred to as Thai yoga so be prepared to be moved around, stretched and realigned. This massage will help increase your flexibility and range-of-motion, improve your muscular balance and make you feel energised and restore alertness. Thai massage bears some similarities to Japanese Shiatsu massage although it is performed from feet to head, therefore those who have enjoyed the benefits of Shiatsu are also encouraged to try our Thai style massage.

Reflexology (Add on £30/30mins)

Our feet are often overlooked during a massage session when there are more pertinent areas where care is required. Reflexology is dedicated to the relief of tension throughout the body by working with the feet, which is the body part that carries all the weight and pressure. Reflexology can be enjoyed as a stand alone treatment, as part of a hands and feet massage for the elderly or as part of another treatment at the Bodywork Temple. In all instances, a reflexology massage will enable you to drift into a state of ultimate serenity as you feel relief from your feet distributed throughout the rest of your body.

Exfoliating Body Polish (£50/60mins, £70/60mins)

Want a pampering treatment that reveals smoother, fresher, brighter skin? A body polish might be just what you need! Using luxurious sugar, honey and coconut body scrubs, this massage and polish treatment will fully hydrate and rejuvenate your skin as the deep scrub is carried out throughout your body.

Anti-Cellulite Wrap/Massage (£60/60mins, £80/90mins)

Our anti-cellulite massage targets stubborn areas loaded with fat and cellulite. The treatment uses firm pressure and deep movements to reach the deepest layers of the skin in order to sculpt the body. The therapist will roll and lift the fat mass to loosen connective tissue and drain excess fluids and toxins out of the body. This process of ironing out the bumps using specialist tools can make the skin appear smoother right away and also reduce further accumulation of fat in those areas. The lifting and rolling of tissue promotes movements that helps slim out cellulite, as the rearrangement and breakdown of the fat clusters facilitates fat burn during exercise and daily activities. While the continual tugging of the skin is not as pleasant as a Swedish massage, it is certainly bearable. Between four and six sessions are recommended for a transformative change and reduction in cellulite, stretch marks and accumulated body fat. Each session is rounded off with a serving of refreshing coconut water to aid rehydration.

Note: this treatment is not suitable for those suffering from hernias, skin cancer, vascular disease, blood clots, varicose veins or open sores.

Pregnancy Massage (£40/60mins, £60/90mins)

Our pre-natal massage is the ultimate treat you can give yourself as an expectant mother. Performed in the side-lying position, this nourishing massage will pay attention to your neck, back, hips and feet to reduce swelling, aches, soreness and cramps that accompany pregnancy. Often a prenatal treat for expectant mothers, it can also be enjoyed post-pregnancy to recoup energy and vitality.